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Fish Profile- What's in our Lake?

This is the bottom dweller of the lake and our most abundant specimen in the Lac La Ronge Lake. The Grayling or Sucker scrounge aroung the bottom eating everything they suck up, this fish has no teeth like the other specimen.

pike_profile.jpg (12704 bytes)This is our world famous Northern Pike or Jack fish as it is sometimes called. The Jack is a very aggressive fish and eats everything from other fish to baby ducks. Jackfish tend to enjoy the more weedy areas. This species of fish are one of the larger species within our Lake.

walleye_profile.gif (25291 bytes)The Walleye or Pickeral is one of the more popular species of fish that are found in our Lake. In this picture, the walleye appears to be having a perch for lunch! Walleye is a great tasting fish and are most plentiful here in La Ronge.

laketrout_profile.jpg (13769 bytes) Lastly here is our world famous Lake Trout. This specific species of fish dwell at the extreme depths of our Lake during the summer. The Lake Trout is my personal favorite as a dish.

In our area we practice catch and release. It saves for future generations.